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Benemica by PT. BPOseven Inovasi Indonesia

PT. BPOseven Inovasi Indonesia (“BPO7”) specializes in the business process outsourcing (BPO) on corporate function that has been serving clients in an extensive cross-section of industries by managing their critical finance, accounting and commercial activities. Our methodologies drive transformation and continuous improvement for each client.

As the business environment becomes ever more complex, CEOs and CFOs are becoming increasingly concerned that they have the appropriate resources, innovation and talent available to impact their business. By leveraging the strength, expertise and scale of a strategic sourcing partner in the corporate solutions like BPO7’s service, they can be ready to address any business or finance challenge that they might encounter.

Our professionals have strong technical and specialized knowledge as well as expertise to corporate solutions applicable for different industries and of various sizes and complexity. By standing on the concept of always looking for value added, we aim to become your strategic partner in corporate solution with the commitment on enhancing Good Corporate Governance in your everyday business.

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