Jobs at PT. Berca Kawan Sejati


Jobs at PT. Berca Kawan Sejati
Berca Kawan Sejati is a developing cigarette distributor company in Malang, Indonesia. Starting from the common mission of five friends, build this company to distribute cigarette products at several points outside of Java, in April 2018. Five friends are symbolized by five hands with different colors, meaning different characters from them. This symbol becomes the company logo.
Our head office is located at Jalan Retawu 30, Malang. At the time being, we have 7 distribution representative offices which are located in Mojokerto and Purwosari (East Java), Silangit, Siantar and Samosir (North Sumatra), Sampit and Palangka (Central Kalimantan). We are committed to selling superior products and become a trusted distributor nationally and internationally.

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