Bussiness Development


  • Rp 1,700,000 - 2,200,000 / bulan
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  • Terdaftar 23 Feb 2022

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan

?Job Description?
As part of team Deeda, we are committed to the concept of “aggregating human warmth so that no one is left helpless” to bring the most direct help to patients, and we are looking for reliable people to grow with us.

1. Provide fundraising support services for patients in need, guide patients in publicising their campaigns, and help them raise money needed to cover medical treatment and living expenses;
2.Establish and maintain a network of strong relations with hospital staff to facilitate continuous work in hospitals;
3. Establish and operate Deeda social media accounts to continuously increase user growth and platform reach

1. Have strong execution skills, result-oriented, good at taking on challenges, have strong desire to succeed and is ambitious;
2. Be upright, honest and reliable, enthusiastic, kind-hearted and passionate in helping others, share the company’s values;
3. Have strong interpersonal communication skills and logical thinking skills;
4. Able to adapt to the rapidly evolving Internet industry, energetic and have the ability to perform well under pressure

Syarat & Keahlian

result-oriented strong interpersonal communication skills logical thinking skills


sale or bussiness development background


Receive a salary package that is above the local level and increases with higher performance output;

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