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F Corporation, or PT MFI Sinar Investama as our legal name, is an investment company which has developed its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business segments, consisting of:
1. Technology, Telecommunication.
2. Media & Digital.
3. Hospitality
4. Property
5. Trading & Distribution
6. Lifestyle
7. Investment & Asset Management

With a diversified business FCorp has touched various aspects of national life through its products and services. In everyday life, the people of Indonesia use their smartphone in Telecommunication & digital world, live in their own property for living, as well as F&B and lifestyle products , from FCorp. Business owners continue partnerships with FCorp and utilize a variety of commercial digital & telecommunication services, logistics services, information technology systems and lifestyle products from Astra. Many products, including cosmetic & household products continue to be exported, thus allowing FCorp to contribute in generating foreign exchange revenues for the country.

F Corporation conducted business operations in all parts of Indonesia under the management of more than 18 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, and was supported by more than hundreds of employees. As one of the nation’s largest business groups today, F Corporation has built a strong reputation through a diverse and superior products and services offering, with due observance to the highest corporate governance and environmental governance standards.

F Corp continually aspires to become a corporate citizen that is considered to be a pride of the nation, one who is actively involved in the national efforts to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people. To this end, F Corp runs business activities by a balanced combination of the business’ commercial interests and non-business contributions through ongoing social responsibility programs focused on four basic areas: education, environment, small and medium enterprises (SME) development and health
Being a prosperous company with the nation by providing the best value to every level of society and stakeholders.

1. To be one of the best management companies in Indonesia with a focus on sustainable growth with competence development through human resource development and customer satisfaction.
2. Being a company that has social responsibility and concern about the environment
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