Elementary School Learning Support Specialist

Jakarta Intercultural School

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan

Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy:
Aligning student goals and objectives to student’s individual profile and school curriculum
Modelling and supporting best practices in teaching and learning
Demonstrating knowledge of students:
Using formal and informal assessments and observations to determine students’ learning profiles, strengths, challenges and interests
Selecting instructional goals:
Using understanding of development and learning to select developmentally appropriate instructional goals
Identifying objectives that support goal achievement
Documenting goals using agreed school proformas
Demonstrating knowledge of resources:
Demonstrating familiarity with a range of resources, including technological, to enhance student learning
Designing coherent instruction:
Implementing methodology supportive of a student’s individual learning profile
Providing specific instruction/intervention for dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or other needs
Designing learning experiences that are developmentally sequential, authentic and integrated to enable students to meet personal goals to achieve designated Standards and Benchmarks
Documenting and sharing planned instructional experiences
Ability to document using anecdotal notes, amongst other data collection systems
Assessing student learning:
Conducting on-going formative assessments to plan learning experiences
Conducting formal summative assessments to provide feedback to students, teachers and parents to inform further learning experience
Sharing assessment results/information with teachers and parents
Documenting assessment information
Creating an environment of respect and rapport:
Be supportive and respectful of students’ needs
Supporting student and advocating for each individual, teaching child advocacy skills
Establishing a culture for learning:
Teaching students to understand their learning strengths and challenges and supportive strategies to become self-directed learners
Developing a purpose for learning
Teaching meta-cognition of skills
Managing classroom procedures:
Maintaining transparent schedules and routines
Notifying students and colleagues of planned changes to schedules and routines
Managing student behavior:
Be aware of students’ needs
Modeling and reinforcing appropriate behavior
Implementing appropriate approaches and interventions for social/emotional and behavioral needs
Organizing physical space in support of individuals with neuro-diversities
Communicating clearly and accurately:
Clearly articulating purposes of learning experiences
Providing explicit instructions/directions
Maintaining accurate records:
Using school systems to maintain student and school records
Maintaining records with a professional tone
Creating Individual Learning Plans and/or Accommodation Plans within time frame
Updating learning plans and communication tools/files on individual students
Communicating with families and colleagues:
Establishing and maintaining communication with families
Collaborating with colleagues
Involving parents and teachers (and students) in the development of Individual Learning Plans
Providing parents and teachers with appropriate documents
Holding regular meetings with parents and external professionals as needed for each child
Communicating with all specialist teachers and other adults in support of individual student needs
Contributing to the school:
Sharing expertise with colleagues and community
Growing and developing professionally:
Striving to improve expertise
Continuing to maintain an understanding of best practices and research
Attending professional development that support student learning and school initiatives
Providing in-service and workshops to faculty, parents and community as appropriate
Showing professionalism:
Interacting with colleagues and parents in a professional manner
Maintaining confidentiality
Building relationships with parents and other adults in the community
Making connections with external professionals
Embracing the JIS Learning Dispositions of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relating and Reflectiveness
Performing other related duties and assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the ES Principal

Syarat & Keahlian

Minimum Master’s degree in Special Education or equivalent preferred
Certification in Learning Support/Special Education/Learning Disabilities/Resource Support
Minimum five years of experience working as a Learning Support Specialist
Extensive experience using a range of formal and informal diagnostic assessments
Understanding and ability to provide a variety of interventions, including programs, such as Orton Gilingham and Lindamood Bell
Extensive experience teaching in a collaborative model (co-teaching classes)
Experience working as a collaborative member of Student Support Team (SST)
Strong interpersonal, communication (oral and written) and collaborative skills
Strong organizational skills required and computer literacy skills
A clear commitment to Child Protection, safety, service learning and environmental stewardship

Interested qualified candidate, please send your cover letter, resume and 3-5 list of professional references to the Human Resources Manager, Megumi Runturambi, at [email protected]

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