General Business Manager

Hooya Corp Ltd.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan

- Pre-assistance of site location and the feasibility analysis of the early-stage project
- Responsible for the business work during the process of the project preparation, including company establishment, project investment, personnel entry
and exit permission, etc.
- Responsible for the establishment of the project team in the later stage, coordinate the internal and external resources needed in the process of the
infrastructure construction
- Organise and participate in plant design, project bidding, project construction, and acceptance.

Syarat & Keahlian

Age 28-35
Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management, Business administration, and other related majors.
Fluent skills in Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese language (Mandarin). English skills (plus value).
Familiar with Indonesian laws and policies, local customs, and background culture
Familiar with the procedures and processes of the factory preparation project (development), have certain social resources and have the experience of factory preparation (preferred)
Strong sense of responsibility, excellent work ethics, capable of working under pressure
Good executive ability, planning and organisational skills.
Excellent communication and coordination skills, oral and written expression ability, and team spirit


Business Management


Health insurance, annual Business

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