Lowongan Kerja di PT. Alkindo Naratama Tbk,


Partnership... a truly simple word, but yet, it has a deep and profound meaning. We at ALKINDO believe that to achieve a partnership, trust is required as its foundation. In accordance with our business philosophy, trust is formed due to the fact that ALKINDO maintains a commitment to constantly produce quality products for all our customers.
By maintaining the quality of our products and services, good partnerships will undoubtedly evolve.
ALKINDO, Partnership through Quality
Alkindo was established in 1989 as a paper converting company, which initially produced high quality paper tubes to meet the needs of the rapidly growing textile industries at that time. Since then, Alkindo has grown in both experience and capacity and now able to meet the needs of the non-textile industries both in large and small scales. Our commitment to maintaining product quality has allowed us to continue developing along with the industries that we support and it has seen us strive through difficult economic times.
Alkindo continually innovate and diversify to find new business opportunities in order to enlarge our market share. In 2005, Alkindo became the pioneer in Indonesia to produce Honeycomb, and we are the patent holder for HEXCELL and Edge Protector Technology in Indonesia, which can be used to support many industries.
Quality is the fundamental of our business. Thus, with this principle, it drives us to be focused in our production process as well as to provide the best product possible by investing heavily in raw material.
Alkindo has a large production capacity supported by 2 sites which approximately sits in a 60, 000 square meters of land and covered with a total of 30, 000 square meters of building combined. The production is handled by 350 employees who all have the dedication and expertise to support our commitment to quality. Alkindo is capable of producing 35, 000 tons of paper products per year to meet the needs and demands of our diversified customers in the textiles, plastics, furniture, glass, and many other industries. By using the leading technology in paper-processing machinery and high end infrastructure, we are always ready to meet the ever increasing needs of customers without compensating the quality of our products.
As a process that never stops, we are constantly monitoring every point of the production process to maintain our quality. All Alkindo products must go through stringent and detail checks, from the raw materials inspection up to the finished goods. This is performed by our experts who work closely in a laboratory which is equipped with advanced testing equipment in order to maintain dimensional accuracy, durability and efficiency of our products. All of this are conducted to ensure and maintain that all products produced by Alkindo are best for the customer.
Quality is what we believe in.

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