Programer C# ASP .Net Core

Aivon Mediatama


Code Writer

Skills Required

A Backend API (dotnet)
1 Programming Language: C# 9
2 NET Framework: .NET 5
3 Web Framework: ASP.NET Core Web API
4 Interface Protocol: REST API (JSON)
5 Architectural Pattern: Clean Architecture
6 ORM: Entity Framework Core
7 Database: MS SQL Server, Redis
8 IDE (Code Editor): MS Visual Studio 2019 (Community Edition)

Experience Required

1 Strong knowledge for these programming language: C#, SQL
2 Must have 2+ years experience and 6+ deployed applications
3 Strong knowledge about Microservices architecture
4 Solid understanding of OOP and OOD principles
5 Familiar with version control system: Gitlab
6 Familiar with unit testing, functional testing, and integration testing
7 Familiar with CI/CD tools
8 Familiar with programming language coding conventions


Pekerjaan dapat remote dengan onsite 1 minggu 2 kali

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