Agri/Aquaculture product expert needed to collect price from Top 3 wholesale/auction market



Project Activities:

1. Choose one of the top 3 auction & wholesale market(s) in the country for agriculture and/or fisheries (capture & aquaculture) near your location.
Identify offline sources (ex. a dash/bulletin board, report, hard-copy document) that show local auction and wholesale price information (daily, weekly, or monthly) of the most representative agricultural and/or fishery products traded in each market.
Please make sure this source is not coming from any online sources.

2. Identify a key person who has access to daily or weekly price information of the most representative products (at least 30 agricultural and/or fishery items) traded in the market.
This person generally refers to but is not limited to a “licensed buyer in the auction market”, “designated bulk buyer”, “intermediary wholesaler”, “wholesale buyer”, or “auctioneers”.
This person is preferably a professional belonging to the market with work experience of over 5 years

3. The key person also has a good sense of local market trends from the relationships with his clients, including local retailers, food manufacturers, HORECAs (hotels, restaurants and cafes), wholesalers, consumers, etc.

Experience Required

Experienced in wholesale/auction market for Agricultural(fruit and vegetable) and/or Aquacultural(Fishery & Seafood) products.
Must be able to collect the information from the market.

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