Jobs at PT. Istech Utama

Jakarta Timur

Jobs at PT. Istech Utama
PT. ISTECH UTAMA established since February 8th, 2011. Our core business is to assembly various panels, such as Fire Pump System Panel, Capacitor Bank Panel,
Synchronized Panel, and to service Building or Factory Maintenance System. As an M/E contractor, we can also handle any other
mechanical and electrical works.
We committed to make the best products considering zero defect, long lasting usage and fit to
consumers’ need. With our
competent technicians whose always develop his technical and
managerial skills, and always
follows to electrical components enhancement, we ensure that our products and services have
competitive advantage at price level that customer could afford.
We will deliver your order as fast as we could since we know that time is a valuable thing you wouldnt lost. Last but not least, our
commitment is consumers

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