Jobs at PT RUMA (Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda)

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Jobs at PT RUMA (Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda)
Ruma is an Indonesian social enterprise with a mission to increase access, dignity, and income for lower community through technology. Since 2009, Ruma has recruited and trained over 35,000 low income entrepreneurs in Indonesia, of which 85% are women, to sell prepaid airtime, electricity and other value added services. After winning numerous awards such as Harvard's Social Enterprise Competition. Ruma' has managed to obtain investment from top Silicon Valley firms like Omidyar Network and Unitus Impact Fund.

We believe there are four components of an ideal workplace: body, mind, heart, and soul.
Body: Yours and your family’s needs have to be met
Mind: Your work should challenge your mind.
Heart: You should be surrounded by people who care and respect you.
Soul: You feel that your work creates meaningful impact for others.

Our mission is to increase access, dignity and income for low income communities through technology

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