LYD Bali Group


This position is responsible for greeting guests at the door. The host/hostess seats and presents clean menus to guests in a friendly, professional and quick manner.A restaurant and bar environment. Evening and weekend shifts are required.

Responsibilities :
• Greets and seats guests, presents menus to guests.
• Treats all guests in a manner to ensure their complete satisfaction.
• Always strives to exceed guests’ expectations
• Takes names on a waiting list
• Observes tables and keeps track of clean, dirty and occupied tables
• Takes guest information and quotes wait times to guests accurately when tables are not immediately available
• Cleans, organizes and stocks menus at host area
• Answers phone and answers questions concerning the menu and restaurant
• Interacts with guests as they arrive and as they leave the restaurant to ensure positive dining experience
• Fills to-go orders, if applicable
• Maintains restrooms throughout shift

Skills Required

Requirements :
• Prior restaurant experience
• English Fluent
• Ability to stand on your feet for several hours
• Customer Focus
• Communication Proficiency
• Stress Management/Composure

Experience Required

Minimal 1 tahun di bidang terkait


The employee will get service charge in the 4th months working and will be given in the 5th months.

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