Strategic Development Officer

PT Solusi Manufaktur Teknologi


1. Designing a branding strategy for a Company’s Product;
2. Develop and define marketing strategy therewith create a promotion proposal and design a promotion that matches the concept and purpose of the promotion and executes the proposal;
3. Have familiarity and skill with the tools of the trade in marketing including PR, written communication, customer loyalty, website development and business research;
4. Managing Company’s website and social media include updating content with writers, picture, and others in each media social account;
5. Make advertising to increase selling products or goods;
6. Increase sales on product sales on the company;
7. Create a marketing activity report (weekly and monthly);
8. Prepare work plan in the next 1 month, quarter, semester and yearly related to marketing and marketing concept and execute in accordance with the planning;
9. Responsible for managing marketing and promotional activities at the company
10. Responsible for allocating the right and efficient promotion budget;
11. Key interface on sales and marketing matters;
12. Key internal interface within business line and support functions;
13. Liaise effectively with team members, partners, clients, and support staff for quality product demonstrations, trainings, seminars, and workshops;
14. Regular visits to existing and prospective customers independently, and with partners to build strong relationships.

Skills Required

1. At least 3 years of working experience in marketing (Preferably having experience selling minimal 3 products on the market);
2. Preferably women, age maximum 30 years;
3. Have strong all around knowledge of market research, business development, traditional and digital marketing;
4. Strong problem solving, analytical, creative thinking ability, good communication skills, and can work in high pressure environment;
5. Specialists sell IT and software Application products;
6. Understand and practically good in copywriter skill;
7. Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English;
8. Excellent business analytics and report writing skill;
9. Ability to multi task across a range of different project, meet deadlines and thrive in a fast paced environment;
10. Good with setting and managing budgets, scope of work and negotiating with third parties;

Experience Required

as mention on requirements

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